Aphrodite Mystic Rose Process
Dear Divine Soul,

Thank You, for gifting, Your Sacred Self the opportunity to enjoy this amazing Journey experiencing the …

Magic of Aphrodite Mystic Rose Process.

This is an intense and transformative Process after which you will know how it feels to live ecstatically, walking the Aphrodite Mystery Path, exploring the Beauty, Grace, Purity and Pleasure She provides us through one of Her most powerful Symbols: the Mystic Rose.

The Rose is a portentous flower sacred to Aphrodite.
She has lots of magical properties, healing and balancing all Chakras, with a very elevating yet very grounding vibration and She can help us in many ways. Her magical uses are multiple, involve all senses and can be prepared in many ways, simple or more elaborate.

This 8 Day Cycle to connect to "Aphrodite Mystic Rose" is an amazing experience and something you can even more fully dive in and relish walking the Three Year Training "Priestess of the Sea – Priestess of Aphrodite and Sacred Sexuality"©.

During this amazing and life-changing Sacred Path, among many other ancient practices and techniques, the trainees will explore and experience, profoundly and intensely, how to gratefully receive the many generous gifts Aphrodite profusely offers us and use them for Healing, Purifying, and to create and enhance Beauty, Art and Grace, allow and ride Pleasure, enjoy Sexuality, awaken Sens-uality and live Ecstatically.

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Now it's time to enjoy your Journey into the Mysteries of Aphrodite Mystic Rose…
with Love and Blessing
Please start by watching this
introduction video
Day 1: White Rose
Purification – Air

Roses to Visualize:

Iceberg Rose, Alba Maxima Rose

What you will need:

Before starting any kind of energetic or spiritual Journey it's very important to dedicate time and space to prepare ourselves and the space where we decide to dedicate to this Practice, so the first day we will concentrate on Purification and will work with the Element of Air, this means we will immerse in the Rose vibrations preparing a Rose incense.
Please Gather: (as many of these elements you can)

  • a mortar and pestle
  • dried Rosebuds
  • dry Rose petals
  • Rose essential oil
  • Cinnamon Bark
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Honey

This is a very gentle and sweetly purifying incense, which connects yourself to the vibrations of your pure Heart and brings Love vibes in your house.

Before starting prepare your space with candles and choose the music you prefer to dive deep into this Practice.

I suggest this music ————————->
Begin this meditation
1st Day Meditation: For Grounding & Centerin
This Guided Meditation is to help you ground and center before you begin, you can do this meditation just this once, or before each days practices.———————->
Place all the ingredients you need in front of you, then light the candles and put on the music.

Take some time to connect with each one of the Sacred Herbs you choose and thank them for giving you all their love and energy and to be your allies in this Magical Practice.

Bring each one of the Herbs close to your heart and feel them deeply, feel their nature and peculiarity, remember the ancient alliance between women and plants, remember a time in which you had already

entered their mystery and whisper "thank you, I love you" to each one of them.

Then add a little bit of each one in the mortar, which is the Yoni-Womb where the Alchemy will happen and say "thank you" to the Womb.

Then take the pestle, which is the Lingam that will mingle, massage and revitalize everything within the Yoni.

Declare the intention(s) you want to infuse in your allies the "Herbs" and chant them your intention(s) while you turn the pestle clockwise. For example you can en-chant, "purity, grace, love, blessings, beauty" while you go into trance, turning the pestle in the mortar.

Allow yourself to go deeply within yourself, let the music and the hypnotic movement take you to the core of this most gentle Rose essence.

When the Herbs communicate to you they are ready, add 8 drops of Rose Essencial Oil and a teaspoon of Honey and mingle them with your right finger. At the end, add another little bit of heat each Herb and mingle them again with your right finger, chanting "thank you, I love you" while you do it.

When you are ready bow to your Herbs, take your incense burner and a piece of coal, light it and gently add your new Rose incense you've just created.
Start purifying Yourself, gracefully accompanying the smoke with your hand on each Chakra, starting from the Crown to the Root. Then rise up your incense and turn clockwise on yourself so that the smoke creates a spiral all around you, while turning clockwise, slowly bring your incense down to the earth and visualize and feel yourself in a Spiral of Purification and Protection with the Rose Vibration and scent.

After you've purified yourself, you can purify your house, opening all the windows, starting from the biggest window you have, open the largest window in the house, turning anti-clockwise and smudging in the corners, where energy stagnates.

When you have taken all the energy and explored a circle all around the house coming back to the open window from where you started, imagine all the stagnant energies going out from that window (you can help them going out with your hands or with a fun, if you have one). You can repeat the procedure until you feel the house energies are renewed and purified.

When you are satisfied, thank Aphrodite and Her magical Roses and enjoy their perfume.

You can either stop the practice here or continuing it contemplating the White Rose and projecting it in your Third Eye, Heart and Yoni, visualizing these three energy Roses opening and relaxing in their beauty and purity.

You can also use one of the White Roses on this page as your computer and mobile phone screensaver for the whole day, to remind you to focus on your "White Roses" opening and relaxing more and more in their innocent softness.

Enjoy and feel the gratitude for these sacred creatures, for all the love and beauty they enhanced in you and in your house.
Day 2: Red Rose
Grounding – Earth

Visualize: Bacarra Rose, Blaze Superior Rose

What you will need:

  • Your personal Damask Rose Plant, as your future magical partner

  • A big bunch of Red Roses (the Rose buds are cheaper and perfect for the use)

  • (optional) a bigger pot, earth and Rose Quartz for your new Rose friend

The second day we will concentrate on the Grounding and on the Element of Earth.

You can buy your Damask Rose plant and a big bunch of Red Roses.

Damask Rose is the most perfumed of all and it's the most used in perfume making. We'll use it also for cooking and preparing Rose Water. She will be your magical partner for long time, accompanying, inspiring and protecting you and your house.

When you go to the shop to buy your Damask Rose plant, concentrate and listen to your core, to your essence, and ask Aphrodite to take you to the right Damask Rose plant that is waiting for you there, to work with you as your magical partner. Feel the resonance with Her and move in the direction from which you feel called. When you are in front of the right One, you will feel Her. (If the only way to get a Damask Rose for you is ordering it online, ask Aphrodite that the right one will come to be part of your family).

Once back home, find a good place for your new Damask Rose, make friendship with Her, deepen the connection with Her, feel Her Spirit, ask Her name and tell yours, talk to Her, welcome Her and arrange a little Ceremony for Her.

You could also repot Her in a bigger pot and place some Rose Quartz crystals all around Her roots, ask Her where she wants to stay and if She needs Water. If you are bleeding, you could gift Her with a little bit of your sacred juice to deepen your connection and feed her with your nourishing love juice.

Thank Her for resonating with you, for calling you and for Her enchanting scent.

After some good gardening, which will ground you and connect you with your new Rose partner, you can go on with the Sacred Practice.
Take all the red roses and remove all their petals, placing them in a big pot.

Prepare the space with candles and light your Rose incense.

Prepare a mat, ground and center as you did the first day, imagining to be a Rose, invoke Aphrodite from your heart and ask Her to ground you in the energies of the Rose.

When you are ready
2st Day Meditation: Practice with Rose Petals
In this Guide Meditation I introduce you to an Aphrodite Practice using Rose Petals. Relax and enjoy…———————->
After this amazing journey, thank your Rose petals and Aphrodite for having guided and protected you.

You can then save the Rose petals in a container, sprinkling them with some water and placing them into the refrigerator for a next day practice.

You are welcome to use one of those Red Roses as a screensaver for your computer or mobile phone for the whole day to remember you to connect to your Yoni Red Rose and breathe into Her, opening and relaxing Her more and more.

Day 2: Red Rose
Grounding – Earth

Visualize: Hot Chocolate Rose – Just Joey Rose

What you will need:

  • your rose incense

  • your altar candle

  • rose petals on your bed

  • rose essential oil (possibly mixed in organic almond oil)
On the third day we will focus on Creativity, Sexuality and Sensuality, working with the Element of Water and with Orange and a Coral Roses to heal, balance and awaken our Second Chakra.

The first thing to do can be preparing the space for you to work with the Orange and Coral Roses, burn your Rose incense and light your altar candle, Ground and Centre in the Rose and invoke Aphrodite from your heart, asking Her to guide you in the savage, juicy, sensuous Awakening of your creativity and sexuality, while discovering your unique way to be Feminine.

you can then contemplate in this image :
With each long in breath, visualize them more and more clearly into your Second Chakra (your Yoni and Womb) and in each out breath you can visualize and perceive how your Second Chakra is released from any tension, any past trauma, any memory that may come to your consciousness as you move the Yoni Waters through visualization and breathing. That is a great opportunity to let go of any wound that your yoni holds and with each out breath, feel how your Yoni becomes purer and purer and how your Orange and Coral Rose to blossoms in beauty and brightness and vivacity.

Feel your Sensuousness and Femininity and listen to your Creativity that urges to be expressed. When you are satisfied with the visualization, you can gently move to next practice.

Gather some petals of your Damask Rose and put on some music…

Preparation of your own Rosewater

To prepare your Rosewater you will just need a container, distilled water, Rose essential oil (optional) and Rose Petals from your Damask Rose.

Ask to your Rose Plant the permission to take some of her petals and take them chanting "thank you, I love you". Then place them into a nice bowl and pray to them, asking them to enhance your sensuality, sexuality, creativity and femininity and transmit you her wisdom on how to blossom in your beauty and grace.
    Then boil your distilled water and chant to the Water all your prayers and intentions. You could also use a Tibetan Bell if you want, cause it is really effective and reaches the water.

    Bear in mind that water holds memory and therefore everything you will chant and pray into the waters will stay there and also remember that magic travels fast through water, so be aware of what you ask.
    Then you will pour the petals into the water, remembering to sing "thank you, I love you", then you can add (optional) few drops of your Rose essential oil and, holding your intent in your consciousness, you can pour everything in the container and move it in the shape of the Infinite, this way the vibration of the petals, of your heart, of water and of the Rose essential oil will mix.

    When you've done, you can place your Rosewater either on your altar or, if your container is of blue glass, you can place it in the Sunshine to be energized by the Sun Rays for the whole day.

    You can use this water every day as a tonic for your skin, remembering that our skin is the biggest organ we have and that drinks all the

    good energy and absorbs all the Rose properties from your Rosewater (remember it lasts max 2 weeks keeping it in the refrigerator).


    Prepare the space:

    1. Arrange your bed as your Aphrodite altar and place all the Rose petals from the day before on it

    2. light candles and burn your Rose incense

    3. prepare your Rose essential oil nearby you
      3rd Day Meditation: Creativity, Sexuality and Sensuality.
      In our 3rd meditation we explore Creativity, Sexuality and Sensuality——————->


      For next practice, you can use this music:

      Lay down on your bed on the Rose petals and start caressing yourself keeping your eyes closed and let you be inspired by creativity, desire and imagination, which are the biggest powers to change the world.

      Start caressing all your body, imagining that your hands are the antennas of your heart, kiss all your body with your hands and let them go wherever they want to.

      Give pleasure to yourself, as you are the Queen of your Realm, celebrate your femininity, sensuality and sexuality, feel your whole self blossoming while caressing your Coral Rose Yoni and let your creativity, pleasure, desire and imagination mix and create the love field all around you.


      When you are at the climax of your pleasure, visualize all this Love and Pleasure energies going to nourish the Aphrodite's Field to Heal all the world, embracing all the Planet with

      Her liquid Light of Love. You can leave the petals there and sleep all the night on your rose bed.
      You are welcome to use one of these Orange/Coral Roses as a screensaver for your computer or mobile phone for the whole day to remember you to connect to your Womb.

      Day 4: Golden Rose
      Empowerment – Solar Plexus - Fire
      Day 4 is an Empowerment Meditation of the Golden Solar Rose——————->
      After this, take your time to go back to a slow and long breath, ground and centre your energies like you already know, imagining to be yourself a Rose and then invoke Aphrodite from your heart, asking Her to guide you for the next Sacred Practice of making Kitchen Magic with the Rose and then eating with consciousness this magical flower and allowing the Alchemy to happen from within you.

      Prepare the space with the candles and you can Play this music:
      Rose Basmati rice

      • Olive oil
      • Half glass of white wine (optional)
      • Basmati rice
      • Vegetable Canned soup
      • Saffron
      • Fresh or dried rose petals
      • Eatable Rose water from a supermarket
      • Parmesan
      • Fried pen and wooden spoon
        Prepare your table with a nice tablecloth, nice plate and fork, maybe a glass of wine if you want, and a candle, because you're inviting to dinner the most important person of your life: you!

        While dancing and feeling Aphrodite's presence within and all-around you, boil twice volume of canned soup in relation to the quantity of basmati rice you want to prepare.

        In a fried pen slightly toast the basmati rice for a few minutes in olive oil.

        When the canned soup is boiling add it little by little to the basmati rice while mixing the basmati rice clockwise with a wooden spoon and singing prayers and loving affirmations connected to your empowering into your rice. Really En-chant your intention (Empowering, Power With, Self Confidence, Shining your Gifts to the world etc.) into the rice.

        Add a little bit of rosewater and rose petals while continuing to mix clockwise and singing.

        Then, if you want to, you can add the white wine.

        Add the canned soup little by little until the rice is cooked and creamy.

        Taste your rice and, if you feel to, add another little bit of rosewater according to your taste.

        Add as much saffron as you like.

        Add as much Parmesan as you like.

        Serve nicely into a dish your delicious Aphrodite Enchanted Solar Golden Food and add some fresh or dried rose petals on top of it and all around.

        Sit and enjoy your sensuous luxurious food, feeling how the Alchemy starts from within and your Power opens like a Golden Solar Rose from your Centre.

        You can also vocalize your pleasure while enjoying this food.
        Thank Aphrodite for such abundance and deliciousness, for all the pleasure with which She surrounds you everyday and thank Her for the Empowerment that you are awakening within you.

        You are welcome to use one of these Golden/Yellow Roses as a screensaver for your computer or mobile phone for the whole day to remember you to Shine and Radiate your Power.